Why Learn German?

German Language Opportunities


Germany has one of the world’s best education systems. Germany is the third most attractive study destination for foreign students. It has a choice of [300 plus) higher learning institutes and universities that offer a wide spectrum of programs such as, Biochemistry, Biomedical physics, Design and Engineering, Film studies, Genetics, Linguistics, Molecular Biology, Religious Study, etc. You name it. If you are an aspirant, do you know that these academic programs require or recommend German?


German Media is an active recruiter and has its wings spread all over the globe. Students of Music have abundant opportunities in Germany. The land of Beethoven offers you courses in Music that are respected worldwide. If you dream to become an active part of the most happening sphere of activity, journalism, knowledge of another language sets you apart from the rest.

Business and Industry

The World ls shrinking! We are in the midst of a communication revolution. More than 500 German companies are conducting business with India. As more and more Indian multinational firms do business in German, they look specifically for German/ English bilingual skills, and pay German speaking employees premium salaries. Ever thought of working with a German multinational? If you are a student of Business Administration, or International Business, a course in German opens a door of opportunities for you!

Science and Technology

German universities enjoy an extremely strong academic reputation, especially), in the fields of Natural Sciences and Technology. If you are an engineering graduate, looking for some serious research in the fields of Nano materials, Machine Translation and Synchrotron, learning German is a valuable investment.

Medicine & Biomedicine

The German Biotech Industry is aggressively promoting and actively recruiting in the areas of Bio-informatics, Agri-biotechnology, Drug discovery, and Cheminformatics. Research in the areas of Pre-Clinical development, Genomics products and in vitro diagnostics is strongly supported. Do you know that many celebrated research theses are done in Germany?